Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 Review

The Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 treadmill is a complex looking machine which claims to offer three different workout options. Option one is the treadmill workout which works just like a normal treadmill where both belts move round at the same speed offering you a normal, treadmill workout. The second is a stepper movement where each ‘treadle’ moves up and down and offers you a leg workout (almost as though you are climbing stairs). The third is where both of these movements are combined to provide an apparent elliptical movement where the ‘treadles’ move up and down while the treadbelt also moves.

The question is, is the Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 treadmill a machine for treadmill beginners? And is it still low impact despite its extensive range of movement?


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 30.3 (width) x 50.6 (length) x 52.3 (height) inches (77 x 129 x 133 cm)
  • 300 pounds maximum user weight (136kg)
  • 185 pounds assembled weight (84 kg)
  • 185 pounds shipping weight (84 kg)


Key Features

  • 4 Electronic Functions – Speed, Distance, Time, and Calories
  • 4 separate LCD display screens for easy viewing during workout
  • 4 mph max readout speed
  • Stores and tracks 1 user
  • Rear machine step platform
  • Great compact design that fits easily in any home
  • Reduce your exercise time with a super-efficient, low-impact workout
  • Covered by the Bowflex® Worry-Free warranty – 2 years coverage for entire machine
  • Backed by a Bowflex® 100% Satisfaction Guarantee
  • Some assembly required
  • Includes the Bowflex® Body Weight Loss Plan




The Bowflex Treadclimbler TC10 treadmill machine is relatively heavy but looks quite complex, lightweight and compact. The fact that it is so compact means it’s excellent for your home but a little worrisome when you get on it, especially for those with larger frames. As soon as you get onto the machine and start using it however, you feel confident in its ability to support any weight and movement as it feels incredibly sturdy and safe. The ability to step on from the back of the machine is also a useful comfort feature.

“I gradually worked my way up to 3 to 5 work outs a week, for 40 to 60 minutes a time at full speed. this has improved my quality of life greatly.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The treadmill feature is comfortable to use, the belt feels OK under foot and the separated tread tracks stop being so disconcerting once you’ve been using the machine for ten minutes or so. The step tread feature is not particularly comfortable to use at first because you worry about the grip under foot, however it’s smooth and you feel comfortable once you’ve used it a few times.

The ‘elliptical’ motion cannot really be compared to an actual elliptical machine and it’s a little difficult to find your point of balance when you first try it, but it is a great way to incorporate both movements on the machine and work different muscle groups.




In the way of performance you have three separate workout options, 4 feedback options, 1 user profile facility and a quick start facility.

The 3 separate workout options are fantastic for targeting different muscle groups whilst providing low impact high intensity workouts. The customization of the machine is innovative and creative which means you shouldn’t have any problems varying your workout routines manually.

“Variable workout not only by speed but by adjusting depth of step. Definitely a better workout than any other one piece of equipment I have used.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The feedback options are; speed, distance, time and calories which is perfectly adequate although a heartrate sensor would have been a nice addition at this price point. The user profile facility only logs one week’s worth of workout information at a time which is OK but a longer memory would be useful to track long term progress, especially if you’ve progressed a lot in your fitness. The quickstart facility is great and always useful, especially if you’re already warmed up and want to jump straight on.

The lack of inbuilt programs is a real shame as you don’t get any examples of how you can truly utilize all the different workout options.


Ease Of Use & Convenience

“It is a heavy machine, but went together fairly easily when you read the directions.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

If you’re a beginner to workout/treadmill machines, you may find the Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 a little intimidating. Those who struggle with balance and coordination may struggle a little at first with the different movement options, but they are easy to get used to once you’ve tried them a few times.

The machine is fairly easy to set up but is quite heavy so you may need it placed where you plan to use it right away. The controls are all incredibly convenient, mainly because you don’t have any programs to navigate. The four screens to view your feedback on are also very convenient, the water bottle holder and reading rack are all placed well within reach too.



You don’t have any additional entertainment on the Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 treadmill apart from the reading rack (which isn’t really entertainment alone!) and the facility to customize your workouts in a number of ways. The fact that the machine has three different workout options means you should feel entertained enough during exercise sessions.

Workout programs would have been a really excellent addition to the machine, particularly because they would be so varied using the different movement options. Bowflex have truly missed a trick by neglecting to provide that extra.



  • 2 Years – Covers entire machine


The Final Verdict

“Buy it and you will be thrilled!” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

For beginners, the Bowflex Treadclimber TC10 could be a little intimidating, but once you’re used to the different movements you’ll more than likely get used to all three and appreciate that you have a three in one machine, especially if you use a single movement machine elsewhere.

For around $2200 dollars, it certainly isn’t cheap and you don’t get many extras that you would normally get at this price range. However, what you do get is a machine that works three different ways and has the ability to work various muscle groups. It also offers a great range of workout options which is a lot more than single movement, higher budget treadmills, steppers or ellipticals generally offer.

We’d highly recommend you purchase this machine if you get bored easily and want a multifunctional machine.


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