Freemotion 790 Interactive Treadmill Review

The Freemotion 790 Treadmill is a higher price range exercise machine which is extremely interactive, well designed and intuitive. The machine boasts; iFit Live inbuilt technology, a 15 inch TV and 10 inch colour touch screen, A 4.2 CHP Commercial Pro Motor, Pulse sensors and chest strap for heart rate monitoring, -3 to 0% decline option, 0-15% incline option and 0-15mph maximum speed and an inbuilt fan. This treadmill has plenty of bells, whistles and more but does it justify the $2200 dollar price tag?


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 83 x 33 x 17 inches (210.8 x 83.8 x 43.1 cm)
  • 20 x 60 inch (50.8 x 152.4 cm) treadbelt
  • 375 pounds (170.09 kg) maximum user capacity
  • 290 pounds (131.5 kg) assembled weight
  • 316 pounds (143.3 kg) shipping weight


Key Features

  • 15″ High-Definition TV
  • 10″ Full-Color Touch Screen with Browser Powered by Android,
  • 2 HD Video Workouts
  • IF it Live Technology Built-In, Workouts Around the World, Training with Jillian Michaels, Competitions with Friends and Family
  • 2 CHP Commercial Pro Motor
  • Dual-Grip Heart Rate Monitor with Polar Wireless Chest Strap Included
  • 20″ x 60″ 2-Ply Commercial-Grade Treadbelt
  • SpaceSaver Design and Easy Lift Assist, 3″ Precision Machined and Balanced Non-Flex Rear Roller
  • Compatible Music Port for iPod
  • 0-12 MPH
  • -3-0% 1-Step Decline Control
  • 0-15% 1-Step Incline Control,
  • 36 Workout Apps,
  • CoolAire Workout Fan
  • 375 lb Capacity


The Freemotion 790 is an incredibly user friendly machine and you feel extremely safe using it full pelt on all available settings. As the machine has such a huge amount of workout options you would expect it to feel incredibly safe and solid underfoot, and it does.

The Coolaire fan is adequate but not the best, which is a shame at this price range. The inclines are motorized which is a very smooth transition movement and doesn’t disturb your workout at all.

The belt comfort is adequate but isn’t as comfortable or enjoyable as belts in the same price range and lower which is surprising.



The machine leads with its technological foot so you’d be right in expecting an all singing, all dancing selection of workout options.

Without even touching the iFit you’ve various smooth, high quality customization options including 15% incline, 15 mph maximum speed range and a -3 to 0% decline option to ensure you’ve total control over the intensity of your workout. Varying incline options make a huge difference when you’re trying to tone different muscle groups.

The machine also has 32 inbuilt workout programs for you to access even if the internet is down so you’re well catered for without the iFit. Your feedback options are standard calorie count, speed, distance etc, you can also use the polar chest strap for an accurate heart rate reading as even the pulse readers on more expensive treadmills don’t offer you much accuracy. So even without internet access, you’ve absolutely everything you need to have plenty of varied and interesting workouts on this machine.

If you do choose to use the iFit (which is free for a year) you quite literally have endless options available to you in the way of workouts. At its full capacity the app allows you to enjoy local routes or routes further afield with full visuals and incline changes in the machine to reflect the actual inclines on the route. You can enjoy personal trainer sessions, incredible progress tracking, mind blowing exercise routes and the ability to add up to 4 users on just one account.

Unfortunately it isn’t entirely clear what you get for free with the iFit module, the advertising for this part of the machine could be considered a little bit misleading. With your free access you don’t have unlimited access to routes from around the world powered by Google maps but you do get a couple of free routes with snapshots of the scenery to let you know what you could be enjoying if you pay. Essentially, it’s a little bit of a gimmick to entice users to sign up for an app that is dangled in front of them rather seductively. The iFit app is pretty cool though and for around $100 dollars a year, it’s actually quite good value, it just seems a shame to sell a treadmill with ‘free’ membership which isn’t entirely truthful.


Ease Of Use & Convenience

The machine is incredibly easy to use and despite the slightly intimidating console, you’ll find you work your way round all the features quite quickly. The touchscreen is really easy and takes a tap rather than a light touch to operate but this seems to make it feel a little bit more robust which is good. Setting the WIFI up can be a little bit tricky and the machinery assembly itself can also take some time initially. That being said it is well packaged and adequately labelled so you should be able to get it done within a couple of hours.

The positioning of the TV, screen and water bottle holders are all well thought out and everything is well within reach.

The foldaway option is convenient as even though it folds at an angle, it still saves more space than if the treadmill belt was completely down.



You’ve endless entertainment on this machine in the way of a touchscreen display, a tv and iPod compatible music system.

If you have the internet and use iFit you’ll be far too distracted by the incredible Google Maps imagery accompanying your workout to worry about anything else. If you do choose to watch the TV the screen is a decent size and can’t really be complained about. The inbuilt music system is relatively useful and provides a good sound, especially over the extremely quiet machinery noises (or lack of them).



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The Final Verdict

The Freemotion 790 interactive treadmill is most definitely an all singing, all dancing piece of equipment that is worth its over $2000 dollar price tag. Although it is a shame that the advertising is a little misleading in regards to the iFit and what you get for free, the machine itself is a real pleasure to use and the tv makes such a difference if you like to combine your early morning workouts with some tv catch up.

For the price, Freemotion could throw in a years free full membership to iFit to pack a little more punch to their advertising claims, otherwise they describe everything just right and the Freemotion 790 slots quite nicely into this price range.


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