Horizon Fitness EX-59 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Horizon Fitness EX-59 is one of the latest elliptical trainers to be released by the well-known fitness equipment manufacturer; Horizon Fitness and straight away we can tell you, it’s a seriously impressive (and pretty good-looking) machine.

If you’re familiar with the company and their existing product range, you’ll already know that they are highly respected within the health and fitness industry (having been producing their range of fitness equipment for more than three decades) and their products are often defined by their exceptional build quality along and their affordable/semi-affordable price range.

The EX-59 elliptical trainer is no exception and carries the same quality standards existing users will already be familiar with. However, the machine also comes complete with a series of innovative features that, for an “entry-level” machine, are second-to-none.


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 22 (width) x 65 (height) x 73 (depth) inches.
  • 275 pound (125kg) maximum weight limit.
  • 178 pounds (81kg) unpacked weight.


Key Features

  • SIXstar Certified™ to ensure a smooth, comfortable and natural operation.
  • 3 LED displays offering extensive workout monitoring capabilities (including heart rate, calories-burned and time).
  • ZEROgap™ overlapping pedal motion technology help to eliminate stress on the back and hips.
  • MP3 port with Sonic Surround™ speakers (plus optional headphone audio jack).
  • In-built COOLfit™ fan with three settings helps to keep you cool.
  • 16 electronic resistance levels giving you control over workout intensity.
  • Heavy-duty 14.3 pound flywheel (very sturdy and smooth).
  • 10 built-in programming options including 3 targets (distance, calorie and time), 3 workout programs (weight loss, hills, reverse train) and 1 custom workout.
  • 18-inch stride length.
  • Space-saving design.
  • Low step-on height.


Comfort (8/10)

The Horizon EX-59 excels when it comes to comfort thanks, in part, to its SIXstar Certification™ (read more about SIXStar Certification™ here).

It’s this combination of smart technologies that come together in the final product to provide a smooth, comfortable and exceptionally ergonomic machine. The ZEROgap™ pedal placement does a great job of eliminating back and hip strain making it considerably more comfortable than a lot of other elliptical trainers out there, especially if you’re planning to use it for rather lengthy workouts.

The ComfortFIT™ rubberized footpads are also great for eliminating common discomfort on the soles of your feet (although a good pair of trainers is still recommended).

The stride is moderate, but comfortable for both myself (at 5′ 10″) and my son (6′ 2″). – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

Perhaps the best feature though is the COOLfit™ fan. This is truly a spot of genius as it really does cool you down. What’s more, it’s a feature that most of the elliptical trainers found at top gyms don’t even possess. Not bad for an entry-level machine.

The only thing that might be worth noting is that the EX-59 has a relatively short stride length. So, if you’re well over the six-foot mark, it might be worth considering an elliptical trainer with a slightly longer stride length.


Performance (9/10)

As mentioned above, the EX-59 model comes complete with 10 different programs to choose from – three workouts, three targets, one customized program and a few other options for weight loss or maintenance. There’s also the manual program so essentially, there’s something for everyone, no matter what your particular goal is (plus if there isn’t, you can easily create your own customized program).

The flywheel doesn’t need too much power to run, so you benefit from a quick start while the magnetic brakes ensure that you can stop immediately.

Overall, it’s a pretty quiet machine with a smooth motion, decent feature-set and great design. It feels sturdy and solid when you’re using it which is fantastic, especially for such a small and lightweight machine.


Ease Of Use & Convenience (9/10)

The console is extremely well-designed and intuitive and the 3 LED displays show important information (such as calories, distance, heart-rate and speed) in a simplistic and clear manner; they can also be customized easily. Stop and start buttons are color-coded (red and green respectively) – very straightforward.

“I put it together mostly by myself and I’m a 21yr old female with average strength and it wasn’t too hard.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

The step-on height is very low which means that you can easy step on-and-off the trainer with little difficulty, no matter how tall or short you happen to be. This goes some way towards eliminating accidents too.

Setting up the machine is likely going to take around an hour (maybe two) but once you’ve got it set up, it’ll sit quietly in the corner (even when it’s in use) and won’t take up too much space either.


The EX’59′s built-in MP3 holder, book stand and drinks holders are all convenient additions to the machine too.


Entertainment (9/10)

“The speakers are of decent quality, nothing fancy, but they work fine.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

The Horizon EX-59 has in-built Sonic Surround™ speakers along with an audio jack if you prefer headphones. Truthfully, the sound from the speakers is pretty good but it obviously isn’t exceptional. So, if you’re a die-hard audiophile, you might be left somewhat disappointed but for most, the sound will be perfectly acceptable.

It’s possible to plug your headphones directly into the elliptical trainer and there’s also the option to plug in your iPod/MP3 player (the trainer even comes with a lead to do this with).


Warranty (9/10)

  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Brakes: 20 years
  • Labor & Parts: One year



For some reason, the EX-59 doesn’t have an on/off button. Instead, you have to plug and unplug the item.


The Final Verdict (9/10)

The Horizon Fitness EX-59 elliptical trainer is definitely one of the better entry-level ellipticals on the market. It’s easy to use, offers excellent value for money and the build quality is exceptionally good for such a low-cost, compact machine. What’s more, it looks pretty stylish too.

“This. Thing. Is. Awesome” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

Sure, it doesn’t offer every feature under the sun but considering it’s a relatively low-cost entry-level trainer, why would it? If you want more built-in workout routines, programming options or a larger stride length, it might be worth looking at some of the more mid-level (and therefore more expensive) elliptical trainers.

For the price, it does pack a few surprises such as the built-in heart rate monitor and the three-speed fan, both of which are incredibly useful.

We love this product and most reviewers on Amazon also agree; one reviewer even titled their review “This. Thing. Is. Awesome.”. Read more Amazon reviews here.

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