Lifespan Fitness TR4000i Folding Treadmill Review

The Lifespan TR4000i Folding Treadmill is designed for fitness enthusiasts and particularly – experienced runners. The machine boasts a generous tread space of 60 x 20 inches, an intelli-key console lighting feature, an intelli-guard safety feature, an intelli-step automatic step count feature, 17 pre-programmed workouts and access to the Lifespan Fitness Club account.

The treadmill has a lot of useful features for under $2000; but are all the features useful? Does the machine have adequate customization options? And is it value for money?


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 33 (width) x 74.25 (length) x 55 (height) inches (82.5 W x 185.63cm L x 137.5cm H) Full
  • 33 (width) x 42 (length) x 66 (height) (82.5 W x 105cm L x 165cm H) Folded
  • 350 pounds (158.7 kg) maximum user capacity
  • 220.5 pounds (100.01 kg) assembled weight
  • 273 pounds (123.5 kg) shipping weight


Key Features

  • Comfortable, Spacious Running Surface: The spacious running surface is 20″ by 60″ and can accommodate extra-long strides. The coarse textured, 2.8mm thick orthopedic belt and 8 compression shocks provide support, cushioning and excellent traction for more serious runners. The result? A more comfortable running surface that puts less stress on your joints.
  • Intelli-Key Console Lighting Feature: The Intelli-Key™ is a smart lighting system to quickly and easily get your workout started. Each console button flashes in blue in the proper sequence during the set-up process so you can get moving, faster.
  • Intelli-Guard Safety Feature: The built-in Intelli-Guard™ automatically stops the belt if you step off during your workout for added safety and is a major development in protecting treadmill users and those around them. With Intelli-Guard, you no longer have to worry about leaving your treadmill running if you have to step off to step off. When your foot no longer continuously strikes the belt surface for 20 seconds, your treadmill will automatically pause.
  • Intelli-Step Automatic Step Counting Feature: Intelli-Step™ counts and records the number of steps you take and displays them on the console. More accurate than a pedometer, Intelli-Step automatically detects the impact of your foot striking the treadmill belt. Increasing step count is one of the foundations of the American Heart Association’s recommendations for improving heart and overall health.
  • 17 Preset Treadmill Workouts: Designed by exercise physiologists for optimal safety and effectiveness, our 17 preset treadmill workouts help you achieve your goal, whether it be weight loss, general health improvement or sports training. The TR4000i also offers 2 MyZone heart rate control programs and 2 customizable programs. With the MyZone constant program, you keep your heart rate at a constant level throughout your workout while the MyZone Interval program allows you to enter your own minimum and maximum heart rate. The treadmill automatically adjusts incline and speed to keep you on target.
  • Large Console Buttons: The soft-touch, oversized silicone buttons make set-up a breeze and are ideal for making changes to your program while you are moving. You don’t have to struggle to hit the correct button.




The Lifespan TR4000i looks sturdy once assembled and it definitely feels sturdy underfoot when used at full capacity. The full sized handlebars with grips are an excellent safety feature, especially if you struggle with your balance. The Intelli-Guard safety feature is also reassuring as it automatically pauses the belt movement if it doesn’t feel any foot contact for longer than 20 seconds.

“I’m just north of 200 pounds and this treadmill can take a beating and still feel like it’s nailed to the floor.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

As the product is targeted towards running enthusiasts you would expect the treadbelt to be especially comfortable, and it is. The 2.8mm thick orthopedic belt and 8 compression shocks are noticeable and combined with the 20-inch width and 60-inch length of the deck, it makes for a fantastic platform for full stride, high speed sprints.

The speed and incline adjustments don’t interrupt the belt movement either so you’re always able to comfortably continue adapting your workout without interruption.



“Not too many bells and whistles, it’s very quiet and has many different workouts to choose from.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

You have everything you need on the Lifespan TR4000i treadmill to provide you with varied and interesting workouts. The 17 inbuilt programs are intuitive and offer in depth, focused exercise sessions.

The tracking is particularly good on this machine because it offers different types of tracking that you can utilize in different ways. The USB port stores your workout information which you can then upload onto the Lifespan Fitness Club website, the console will also recognize the data from the USB every time you workout.

The Multi colour LCD screen offers a vast amount of feedback including; Lifespan USB storage device profile information, Time, Calories, Distance, Steps, Heart Rate, Speed, Incline Level and the program you are using. The machine also boasts an automatic step counting feature which is useful if you’re using increased steps per day as part of your fitness regime.


Ease Of Use & Convenience


“VERY easy to assemble. I didn’t use the instructions until the end to make sure we didn’t miss anything.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The treadmill is easy to set up and the foldaway feature is very convenient if you do not have much space and does not impact on the overall machine quality.

The control panel is easy to use despite its various different readout options, plethora of workout options and customization facilities and the large soft touch keys are also particularly user friendly.



“I have the freedom to listen to my music through the treadmill console, which is not over powered by the noise of the motor.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The entertainment features on the Lifespan TR4000i treadmill comes in the form of the impressive amount of feedback and workout features available. The treadmill really is built with exercise in mind and caters for your personal workout preferences more than many similar models on the market.

The fact you can personalize your workouts so much should keep you well exercised, and well entertained.

Of course, there is also iPod/MP3 player connectivity and unlike some treadmills, the noise of the machine (and the fan) don’t drown out the music, which is a plus.



  • Frame: Lifetime
  • Motor: Lifetime
  • Parts: 5 Years
  • Labour: 1 Year


The Final Verdict

“Very very very pleased with this purchase. Have dropped 10 already :)” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The Lifespan TR4000i folding treadmill is most definitely designed with a large demographic of users in mind. It’s a serious, exercise machine which caters for exercise machine beginners, experts and all that’s in between.

It is absolutely packed with features and is extremely comfortable to use. For under $2000, the TR4000i is quite the steal for all the intuitive, useful and fun features you have access to.

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