Merit Fitness 725T Plus Treadmill Review

The Merit Fitness 725T Plus is a budget treadmill with various basic features and a sleek, attractive design. Just some of the features on this machine are; a 2.25 HP motor, 10 mph maximum speed limit, an 18 x 45 inch workout area and a handy foldaway option.

This is a very basic, budget piece of exercise equipment with plenty of useful features all for a very attractive $520 dollar price tag. Does it offer the same as other budget treadmills? Is it strong enough or big enough to enable a user to run on it? Is it comfortable to use?


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 32 x 52 x 71 inches (81.2 x 132.08 x 180.3 cm)
  • 18 x 45 inch (45.7 x 114.3 cm) treadbelt
  • 250 pounds (113.3 kg) maximum user capacity
  • 121 pounds (54.8 kg) assembled weight
  • 149 pounds (67.5 kg) shipping weight


Key Features

  • Home treadmill with top-quality 2.25-horsepower drive motor
  • Intuitive console controls with adjustable speed from 0 to 10 miles per hour
  • 2-window LED display tracks your time, speed, distance, calories, and more
  • Spacious 18-by-45-inch workout area with Aerosoft cushioning system
  • Folding frame for easy storage; measures 32 x 52 x 71 inches (W x H x D)



The Merit Fitness 725T Plus has been designed with affordable comfort in mind. The machine does have an ‘Aerosoft Plus’ cushion system that is meant to protect your joints from impact and also make the use of the machine a lot more comfortable.

Before you start noticing the cushioning system your attention is drawn to the fact that the frame itself is not so sturdy and does move quite a bit when you use it to jog or run. The machinery itself is also quite loud if you compare it to other models so, it may not be suitable for apartment use.

The treadbelt itself is relatively comfortable, it isn’t as springy as higher-end models but that’s to be expected at this price point. The 18 x 45 inch workout area is definitely a little bit tight to use. If you struggle with balance you should perhaps look for a machine with a larger treadbelt and if you like to sprint properly during a workout or you’re over 6 foot, you’ll also need to avoid this particular model.

One very uncomfortable problem with this treadmill is its static shock issue. Some of the machines can give you a static shock when you touch the metal parts which is not very pleasant. It can be rectified using a bit of velcro but the problem can’t be solved otherwise.



In the way of performance this machine offers up to 10 mph speed, up to 10% incline, quick keys, 7 preset programs, a pulse monitor and two feedback windows.

As most users purchasing this machine will be fitness beginners, 10 mph is certainly not too low a number to facilitate low impact workouts. The 10% incline is also an adequate level, enabling you to work various muscle groups and enjoy different workout positions. These two facilities combined with the quick key options mean you can easily create a varied and enjoyable workout for yourself which can contain a good level of intensity and muscle group stimulation. The only slight issue with the incline is that it can feel a little wobbly to use so some users may not feel comfortable using it for running.

The 7 preset programs available are; weight loss, mountain and hill climbs, cardio and endurance challenges, intervals and manual functions. They offer a perfectly adequate selection of preset programs for the price and you’ll find that they make use of the incline and speed options on the machine more creatively than some higher end programs.

Overall you have all the basic facilities to accommodate decent, entertaining workouts on a steady enough machine.


Ease Of Use & Convenience

The machine is easy enough to set up but should be assembled where you intend to use it if possible as it is very heavy to move. The assembly is not difficult and the instructions are very thorough so you should have no issues putting it together, it will take around an hour or so depending on whether or not you have any help. The console is extremely simple and easy to use and the different troughs surrounding the screen are great for water bottles/ keys/ remotes etc.

One particularly annoying feature is the safety magnet which comes away from the machine very easily. If it doesn’t come off in time through the machine vibrations you’ll more than likely find you knock it off as the magnet is so weak.

The folding option certainly does save space but folds at an angle which the manufacturers don’t make clear in their descriptions, this means it probably won’t save as much space as you would like.



There is nothing on this treadmill in the way of entertainment. This isn’t such a bad thing at this price point as more often than not money is spent on cheap extras that simply don’t work, whereas in this machine that money has obviously been reinvested into other useful features on the treadmill.



  • Frame- Lifetime
  • Motor- 2 Years
  • Parts and Labour- 90 days


The Final Verdict

The Merit Fitness 725T Plus is actually quite a good buy for the price. The fact that Merit hasn’t even bothered with any cheap bells and whistles isn’t a bad thing as the money has obviously been invested elsewhere on the machine. For around $520 dollars you’ll get a decent, robust treadmill in the 725T that will suit any beginner and last a good while if you look after it.


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