Nautilus E514C Elliptical trainer Review

The Nautilus E514C elliptical trainer has been designed to give you a full body workout whilst offering various useful feedback options and additional extras in the way of; speakers, a 3-speed fan and a retractable reading rack. The machine also offers 16 levels of resistance, 20 workout programs and 2 user settings as well as static and moving handlebars.

The machine comes in at just a few hundred dollars, which should make it great value for money when you consider the huge amount of key features you get with the machine. Is it good value for money? Are all the features necessary? We discuss in more detail below.


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 26 (width) x 62 (length) x 71 (height) inches (66 x 157 x 180 cm)
  • 300 pounds (136 kg) maximum user weight
  • 164 pounds (74 kg) assembled weight
  • 180.8 pounds (82 kg) shipping weight


Key Features

  • Compact front drive 18” fixed stride
  • Articulating foot plates with large foot pads
  • 16 levels of magnetic resistance
  • 17.6 lbs perimeter weighted flywheel
  • Oversized console loaded with features:
    • Large 2.25” X 5” LCD window with multicoloured brickyard
    • 20 programs with additional features and 2 users settings
    • 3 speed fan
    • Speakers
    • Integrated water bottle holder
    • Retractable reading rack
    • Telemetric enabled heart rate (chest strap not included)
  • Grip heart rate
  • Static & moving handlebars
  • 4 integrated levellers for a solid workout platform
  • Transport wheels
  • AC adaptor (included)




The Nautilus E514C elliptical trainer has a lot to offer in the way of comfort, the 4 levellers alone make for a sturdy and safe feeling platform. Using a machine with a strong base tends to mean the more energetic workouts feel a lot more secure than on machines which rock and sway on full impact.

“It is easy to use, VERY QUIET, smooth and very comfortable.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

The 17.6 pounds flywheel certainly does contribute towards a relatively smooth and natural feeling elliptical movement (which isn’t completely free of clicks or slight track hitches), but it moves perfectly well and works better after the first few uses once the grease has worked its way around the mechanics.

One unusual problem with this machine is the fact that despite its limited 18-inch stride, it seems to suit those over 6 foot tall. On a lot of ellipticals, you can find that they cater for a person of average height and those who are taller or shorter struggle with stride or arm reach. In this instance, the handlebar movement seems better designed for those with a longer arm reach which means those who are shorter or even around average height (5′ 7″) may struggle to use the moving handlebars.

Of course, the elliptical movement is still usable with the static bars but you would miss out on a full body workout.

The water bottle holder is integrated into the console and is easy to reach, although it could be a little more oversized to allow for easier access. The footpads are a nice large size and comfortable (although they would benefit from some gel cushions) which means longer workouts are that bit easier. The retractable reading rack is suitable for a book, e-reader or tablet; it works fine but is on top of the console which means you may struggle to see it from all angles if you happy to be particularly tall.



The Nautilus E514C has a huge selection of 20 workout options including; 8 heart rate control programs, 3 beginner programs, 3 advanced programs, 1 quick start option, 2 custom options, 1 beginner feedback option, 1 advanced feedback option, and 1 option labelled as ‘other’. This means you’re well set up to start working out as soon as you’ve set the machine up. The heart rate controls work alongside handlebar heart rate sensors which are notoriously inaccurate at reading heart rates, but do offer a rough estimate nonetheless. the machine does have telemetry facilities but the chest strap is not always included in the price which seems a shame when the capabilities are there.

“The stride is comfortable and the foot pedals are large enough to adjust foot position according to individual comfort.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

The full feedback capabilities are; time, interval time, watts,  RPM, distance,  pulse, speed, calories, resistance level and profile; so you really should be well set up to enjoy endless workout possibilities as you progress whilst tracking your improvements as you go.

It definitely does have more programs than a lot of elliptical trainers out there in the same price range and you’re able to customize your workout using the 20 different resistance levels, although the workout options could be a little more imaginative and more varied.


Ease Of Use & Convenience

“The display is easy to read, & saves your place in your workout if you need to stop for more than a few minutes.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

The Nautilus E514C elliptical machine is easy to assemble and comes with all small parts wrapped in plastic. It is quite heavy to move around so you’d do well to place it in the room you’re planning to set it up in as it’s not easy to move in the box. Once set up however, the transport wheels are fantastic and make for easy maneuverability if it does need moving, the footprint isn’t too big either which is great for compact gym areas.

The display screen itself is very simple to use and works well, but the quality of the graphics is very poor and reduces the overall quality feel of the product. It’s a small issue that doesn’t affect the quality of your workout.




Aside from the below par graphics on the console display screen, the exercise programs themselves still provide a satisfying selection of workout options for regular users. The quick start option is always a bonus if you use your elliptical as part of a more varied routine, or if you’re a little low on time and need a quick workout.

The fan is unfortunately none adjustable which means you have 3 relatively weak speeds from a fan that doesn’t move much air around and doesn’t seem to face a direction that would particularly benefit the user.

“If I want music, I’ll put on my headphones and use my iPhone.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

The music system is nothing special to say the least, but at this price it’s great to still have one integrated. If you do wish to use the system, we’d recommended using headphones rather than relying on the speakers as you’ll get the best from the sound system on offer.

For big, bassy sound you’ll need to set your own system up outside of the machine.



  • Frame: 10 years
  • Parts: 2 year
  • Mechanical and Electrical: 1 year
  • Wear Parts: 6 months
  • Labor: 90 days


The Final Verdict

“Overall, excellent value for money and works perfectly.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

Overall, the Nautilus E514C elliptical trainer is a great budget machine with a lot to offer. If you discount additional extras such as the fan, speakers and quite frankly dire graphics, the machine itself is actually great and offers good value for money.

The 20 different programs, robust stand and high quality movement are all worth the few hundred dollar price tag, without even factoring in any additional extras.

The only real negative is the arm reach, so if you’re under average height, this may not be the perfect elliptical for you (although you can choose to hold on to the fixed handlebars).


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