Proform 6.0 RT Treadmill Review

The Proform 6.0 RT Treadmill is a budget machine with plenty of appealing features and benefits suggesting that for under $600 dollars, it’s really good value for money. The machine boasts; a 300 pound maximum user capacity, heart rate pulse grips, 8 inbuilt workout programs, iPod compatibility, a space saving folding design, 10 mph maximum speed limit and 10% incline option.

This budget treadmill has everything you need to start exercising and improving your fitness; so is it good value for money?

Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 18 x 50 inch treadbelt (45.7 x 127 cm)
  • 136.07 pounds maximum Capacity
  • 66.5 x 30 x 11 inches (168.9 x 76.2 x 27.9 cm)
  • 73.9 pounds shipping weight

Key Features

  • 5 HP Drive System
  • 18″ x 50″ Treadbelt
  • Folding Space Saver Design
  • Large LCD Matrix Display w/ Racetrack
  • iPod Compatible Audio Input
  • Digitil Quick Speed Control 0-10MPH
  • Digital Quick Incline Control 0-10%
  • 8 Preset Workout Programs
  • EKG Grip Pulse
  • 300lb User Capacity
  • 5Yr Frame and Motor Warranty


Although the treadmill doesn’t look very sturdy, it feels reasonably stable during use. It is probably a good idea to consider placing grip mats underneath the machine to protect your floor and to make sure the machine isn’t travelling anywhere while you use it.

Unfortunately the machine doesn’t stay completely still when you use it and you may notice vibrations impact on other items in the room if you’re using it for running. If you’re a larger user in weight or height you probably wouldn’t feel entirely secure using this machine to its full capacity.

The dimensions of the belt are also a little bit restrictive at 18 x 50 inches (most standard treadmills are 20 x 60) so you may potentially struggle to jog or run if you have a larger stride or don’t have with tight, uniform running form.

The Treadsoft cushioning does help somewhat to reduce joint impact and make the machine use more comfortable, but it isn’t of the highest quality and isn’t enjoyable or bouncy enough to encourage you to stay on like some cushioning does.

The machine is definitely comfortable for walking, but taller users and larger built users may struggle to use it for anything more substantial, overall most users may not feel safe using it at full capacity.


The features on the Proform 6.0 RT to enhance your performance are 10% incline, 10 mph maximum running speed, 8 inbuilt workout programs and basic feedback capabilities.

Before you start using any customization facilities, you notice that the belt isn’t always smooth during use and can jerk or shift in between transitions, this can be a little disconcerting during a workout and may be unnerving for some people. You want to feel safe during your workout and any jerks or movements on the machine during its slowest settings can put you off using any of the faster speeds.

The incline and speed changes work well but you should make sure you feel safe on the machine before changing any of these settings as the belt is not always smooth.

Despite the fact that the machine seems to have been designed for fitness beginners, the unbuilt programs do not. The programs really push the user and don’t really allow for anyone who might want a gentler program, which seems a little strange considering that the machine is more than likely going to be used by a lot of fitness beginners.

The machine does have a pulse grip option should you want to track your heart rate although these types of monitors are not usually accurate. You can also track other basic workout information like speed and distance.

Ease Of Use & Convenience

The machine is a little fiddly to set up, if you can enlist the help of a family member or friend you could save yourself a bit of time. The components aren’t labelled very well and the assembly description makes the process sound a little easier than it actually is.

The screen is easy to use but isn’t backlit which could be a bit of a problem if you wear glasses or if the room you set the machine up in is badly lit.

The foldaway option is also a little misleading if you think you’re going to fold the machine up into a tight, compact shape. What the manufacturers don’t make clear is that the fold option only comes to an angle away from the console so, you’ll find it isn’t as compact and space saving as the advertising suggests.


The entertainment on this machine really just comes down to the iPod/ MP3 compatible built-in Intermix Acoustics 2.0 Sound System. The sound you get out of the speakers is adequate and does go someway to providing a pleasant workout environment. The volume doesn’t go very high though so avoid audio books and use a different sound system altogether if you want good quality bass during your workout.


  • 5 year frame and motor warranty

The Final Verdict

The Proform 6.0 RT is a good ‘first exercise machine’ for those wanting something to walk on during the winter months or those needing to get back into fitness. It is however, unfortunate that the belt does jerk a little during the slowest settings as that really doesn’t overwhelm you with a feeling of safety and encourage you to move on to faster settings.

Proform could have given this budget treadmill a much better target market with customized programs for beginners, rather than trying to cater for the entire exercise market who realistically won’t all be purchasing this machine.

The Proform 6.0 RT is great for beginners and provides basic, useful features at a good price. Expert runners and fanatics should probably avoid and look to spend a little more.

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