Proform Hybrid Trainer Review

The Proform Hybrid Trainer is an elliptical and recumbent bike hybrid machine, bringing the benefits of each into just one machine. It offers full-body elliptical training thanks to its adjustable oversized pedals and elliptical handlebars. However, it also features a comfortable seat allowing you to use the machine as an exercise bike. The pedals and seat are easily adjustable to accommodate either an elliptical or bike position; it’s your choice.

It’s a comfortable and clever hybrid machine featuring a console that adjusts accordingly to either an elliptical or exercise bike set-up. You can use the Proform Hybrid Trainer to lose weight, tone muscle or get a full-body workout. The possibilities are endless.

There are also a number of in-built workout apps, various resistance levels and many other features to ensure that the Proform Hybrid Trainer stands out from the crowd; and for all the right reasons too.



  • 26 (width) x 76 (height) x 76 (depth) inches.
  • 350 pound (159kg) maximum weight limit.
  • 149 pounds (67.5kg) packed weight.


Key Features

  • 2 in 1 – Elliptical and Recumbent Bike Hybrid
  • 14 Built-In Workout Apps
  • 14 Digital Resistance Levels
  • Dual Grip EKG Heart Rate Monitor
  • LCD Console
  • Water Bottle Holder
  • Transport Wheels
  • 350-pound Weight Capacity


Comfort (4/5)

You might imagine that a hybrid machine such as the Proform Hybrid Trainer would be feature severe compromises when it comes to comfort. After all, the machine isn’t constructed for one sole purpose but instead, for dual purposes.

Surprisingly however, the Proform Hybrid Trainer not only exceeds initial expectations (based on the concept and price tag) but is surprisingly comfortable in both setups, even when compared to much more expensive standalone elliptical trainers and exercise bikes.

“The comfort level compares to one I had tried in the $2,000 range.”Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

Whether you choose to use the Proform Hybrid Trainer as an elliptical or exercise bike, the comfort level is extremely high. When the machine is set-up as an exercise bike, the chair is extremely comfortable and unlike many standalone exercise bikes, it also has a backrest. This helps to ensure better posture throughout your workout and ultimately, improves comfort.

It’s also an extremely comfortable machine when used as an elliptical trainer. The range of motion feels natural and the large foot pedals allow for a great level of stability during your workout. The handlebars work in the same way as regular elliptical machine handlebars and thus, improve comfort and stability during training.

It’s certainly not perfect though, as there are some comfort issues. The main issue is that the short 15-inch stride length is likely to feel particularly uncomfortable if you’re over the 5’7″ mark (or perhaps even shorter). Typically, most standalone elliptical trainers offer a stride length of between 18 – 22-inches, so 15-inches is a little short. If you’re on the smaller side however, you might actually find this beneficial and more comfortable than a traditional elliptical machine.

Amazon review: The comfort level compares to one I had tried in the $2,000 range.


Performance (4.5/5)

The Proform Hybrid Trainer can only score well in terms of performance as after all, it essentially offers two-machines-in-one for a relatively low price tag of just under $400. Even if you take the dual-use of the machine out of the equation, the trainer still offers a lot when it comes to performance, both as an exercise bike and elliptical trainer.

Whether you’re using the Proform Hybrid Trainer in exercise bike or elliptical trainer mode, you’ll be able to choose from fourteen resistance levels giving you a huge amount of control over the intensity of your workout. Plus, the trainer uses something called SMR (Silent Magnetic Resistance) to ensure that each resistance adjustment is smooth, comfortable and natural. It does a good job too.

“The elliptical strider function works very smoothly.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

When using the trainer in exercise bike mode, you’ll be able to target your glutes, hamstrings and calves with ease. Simply increase the resistance level to vary the intensity. When using the trainer in elliptical mode, the stride feels natural, smooth and very low-impact; quite a feat for a hybrid machine. Plus, by using the handlebars (like with any standalone elliptical trainer), you’ll be able to get an upper-body workout, tone muscle and burn more calories.

There are also a total of fourteen built-in workout apps (or programs) to choose from, so there’s quite a lot of flexibility in terms of the workout programs on offer. The built-in target pacer also allows you to create a customised workout, which is a nice touch for a sub-$400 machine.


Ease Of Use & Convenience (4.5/5)


Considering the fact that the Proform Hybrid Trainer is a 2-in-1 machine, it’s surprisingly convenient and easy to use. Switching between exercise bike and elliptical trainer takes just a few adjustments and can be done in a matter of seconds.

“The position of the pedals can be easily adjusted to accommodate different strides.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

It also features everything you might expect from a modern-day elliptical/exercise bike including a water bottle holder and optimally placed dual-grip EKG’s (allowing you to monitor your heart rate with ease). The fact that the trainer is on wheels gives you the added convenience of being able to move the machine with ease; simply wheel it across to your desired location.

The LCD display is easy to understand and displays/monitors everything you’d expect from a modern day fitness machine including your heart rate (if gripping the EKG’s), time and speed. The interface is easy to use too and it’s pretty easy to select any of the fourteen workout apps, even if you happen to be a bit of a technophobe.

It’s worth noting that the Proform Hybrid Trainer does take a bit of time and effort to put together. It’ll probably take a good two or three hours to complete the assembly but once it’s done, you’ll never have to worry about it again. You can opt for a professional installation (for a small additional fee) during the checkout process if you so desire.


Entertainment (1/5)

Unfortunately, the Proform Hybrid Trainer has virtually nothing to offer in the way of entertainment. It has no built-in sound system and even if you wish to listen to music on your headphones, there’s literally nowhere to rest your iPod/MP3 player unless you make use of the water bottle holder (which may not be convenient).

There’s also nowhere to put a book, e-reader or tablet computer either.

If you do opt for this machine and like entertainment while you workout, it might be best to assemble the machine in-front of the TV.



  • Frame: Five Years
  • Electronic components & other parts: 90-days
  • Labor (in-home): 90-days


The Final Verdict

Overall, the Proform Hybrid Trainer is a great machine that delivers the benefits of an elliptical trainer and exercise bike in one low-priced machine. If you like to vary your workouts between an elliptical trainer and exercise bike but don’t have the space for two machines (or the budget), then the Proform Hybrid Trainer is a great option for you.

“This is definitely a 5-star device, especially when you factor in the price.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

Sure, there are a couple of features missing from the machine such as a sound system and book holder but typically, it’s only the more expensive mid-range machines that have these features anyway.

Perhaps the only small issue with this machine is the relatively short stride length. For those taller than average height, this may make using the trainer relatively uncomfortable, especially during long workout sessions.

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