Schwinn A40 Elliptical Trainer Review

The Schwinn A40 elliptical trainer is a high value, low budget elliptical machine that is easy to assemble and even easier to use. The machine has six different workout options, an integrated speaker system and ergonomic handlebars as well as 8 different resistance levels, biomechanically designed linkages and heart rate sensors on the handlebar grips.

The assembly is incredibly simple and the equipment can be set up easily by one person within an hour or so. The machine may not have all the bells and whistles of a more expensive elliptical trainer but, do you really need all those added extras when the base machine is such good value for money?


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 22.5 (width) x 59 (length) x 64 (height) inches (572 x 150 x 163 cm)
  • 275 pounds (125 kg)  maximum weight
  • 90.4 pounds (41 kg) assembled weight
  • 115 pounds (52.1 kg) shipping weight


Key Features

  • Biomechanically designed linkages provide a comfortable and natural foot motion
  • Ergonomic handles for multiple workout positions
  • Compact footprint fits virtually everywhere
  • Perimeter weighted flywheel for smooth, consistent workouts
  • Fast and reliable electromagnetic resistance system
  • Oversized stabilizers and levellers that are built-in for a solid workout platform
  • 8 resistance levels
  • 6 fitness metrics, including Calories, Heart Rate, Speed, RPM, Time, and Distance
  • Integrated grip heart rate system for easy fitness monitoring




For the price, the Schwinn A40 elliptical trainer is incredibly sturdy and well-designed. The oversized stabilizers and levellers mean the machine doesn’t wobble or rock, even when it is used on maximum power and movement levels. The perimeter weighted flywheels combined with the biomechanically designed linkages create a smooth, elliptical movement that would usually be associated with much higher budget machines.

“It has a very quiet operation and very smooth movement. It’s typical Schwinn quality. Excellent.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

The stride could be difficult and uncomfortable for users over 5′ 7″ as it isn’t adjustable, this is also a potential issue for shorter users who could struggle to use the machine at its full stride of just 17-inches. This is a common problem with budget ellipticals but doesn’t render the stride quality itself any less effective for those able to use it comfortably.

Egonomic handles at this price point are a really excellent addition to the adjustability of the machine and really contribute to the overall workout facilities. Although the machine can be a little stiff to use at first (while the grease works its way round the machine) the mechanics begin to glide smoothly in record time and you’ll find it stops being stiff within the first few workouts.

One small complaint is that the pedals could be a little more flexible, which would support the body more efficiently combined with the smooth motion.



“It gives a smooth fluid motion. I can work up a sweat on this machine without the impact of walking/jogging” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

Considering the machine only has 6 workout settings; calories, heart rate, speed, RPM, time, and distance, you’ll still find you’re able to achieve maximum workout performance with little effort. The machine does have grip sensors to monitor your heart rate, which do work but can’t always be relied upon to create an accurate reading. The console also doesn’t allow for height and weight considerations which means your calorie burn readings are more than likely going to be a little inaccurate too.

The multifunctional LCD screen allows you to track workout feedback such as; time, RPM, distance, pulse, speed, calories, resistance level and course profile. These features are pretty standard but still contribute to a really good value budget elliptical package.

The adjustability and customization options of the machine mean you do have a decent library of features to adjust and combine to adapt the machine and it’s programs to suit your workout needs. The strong base and smooth features mean that even as a standalone piece of equipment without any programs it would provide you with every opportunity to perform intensive cardio exercise and extensive, full body muscle workouts. The timer settings and quick start options mean it’s also an excellent piece of equipment to combine with varied exercise routines as well.


Ease Of Use & Convenience


The Schwinn A40 elliptical machine is easy to construct and assemble with clear instructions and loose parts handily contained in plastic pouches. The weight of this machine also means you could move it around if you wanted or needed to with little fuss.

The programs are very easy to use, with just three buttons either side of the screen (six altogether) you’re unlikely to find the console complicated to operate. The screen graphics are basic but tell you everything you need to know, the lighting on the screen isn’t excellent so make sure you have adequate lighting where you intend to use it or you may find you’re struggling to read the feedback.

One small ‘niggle’ is that the reading rack is a little on the slim side meaning that you may struggle to balance more than a magazine on the ledge; the bottle holder is perfectly adequate though and situated centrally for easy reach.



“Once together the machine works great. I like the built in speakers so I can listen to music while I work out.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

In terms of entertainment, the Schwinn A40 is limited to the slim reading ledge and inbuilt speakers. You can connect an MP3 to the console but the sound quality is a little on the basic side.

That being said, at such a budget price, the sound system is actually a lot better than some more expensive models and perfectly adequate for a workout session. If you do want big sound, you’ll have to set up something outside of the machine.



  • Frame: 2 years
  • Parts: 6 months
  • Electronics: 6 months
  • Wear Parts: 30 days


The Final Verdict

“Sturdy, quiet & everything I need in an elliptical” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon.

Despite a few minor issues, the Schwinn A40 elliptical trainer really is exceptional value for money. For just a few hundred dollars you’re getting a whole lot more for your money than some mid or even high-end budget elliptical machine. The only real issue in terms of performance and comfort is the relatively short stride length which comes in at just 17-inches. You might want to consider the Schwinn 460 (although it is nearly double the price of the A40) if you require additional adjustability as far as the stride length is concerned.

Overall though, the Schwinn A40 is a fantastic elliptical trainer. Sure, some of the features may leave a little to be desired, such as the stride length and speaker system, but overall you’re getting a smooth, quiet, robust, adjustable machine that’s constructed to a really high standard. For the price, it can quite rightly be called a ‘bargain’ and is certainly worth every penny.

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