Smooth Fitness Agile DMT Elliptical Trainer Review

The Smooth Fitness Agile DMT elliptical trainer is a large and robust machine that claims to provide an elliptical movement that will support your full body workout while also protecting your knees from any additional pressure and stress. The machine puts your body in a position where your toes remain in front of your knees, this in turn creates more of a natural motion during use.

The machine has a large range of features including a smooth sound audio system, heart rate control with free chest strap, 13 preset programs and an impressive 24-inch maximum stride length.

You can’t question the full package you’re getting and at just under $5000, you should be able to expect an above average machine that feels extremely sturdy and built to last. The question is, does the Smooth Fitness Agile DMT trainer come up to spec in all areas?


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 74 (length) x 31 (width) x 65 (height) inches (187.96 x 78.7 x 165.10 cm)
  • 400 pounds maximum user weight
  • 356 pounds assembled weight
  • 385 pounds shipping weight


Key Features

  • Articulating, Shock-Absorbing, Foot Pedals: Smooth has concentrated its efforts on perfecting the elliptical trainer experience. The Agile DMT elliptical has patented ergonomic pivoting foot pedals that reduce joint stress and eliminate the heel slap that can cause toe numbness and sore arches.
  • Heart Rate Control with Wireless Chest Strap: The Agile DMT elliptical has ergonomically positioned handgrip pulse monitors so you can conveniently track your pulse when you are not wearing the strap. The unit also comes with a wireless chest strap so you can automatically adjust the intensity of your workouts to control your heart pumping at the rate you set.
  • SmoothSound™ Audio System: Plug your iPod, MP3 player, CD player or other audio device to the auxiliary input jack and be energized as your music blasts out of the Smooth Agile DMT two speaker console.
  • Supports mySMOOTH – Virtual Fitness Trainer: Supports mySMOOTH Fitness Trainer: Introducing mySmooth tablet based fitness controls. The mySmooth technology allows you to immerse yourself in spectacular virtual outdoor workout experiences through full motion videos and interactive capabilities. Bluetooth module sold separately.
  • Water Bottle Holder: The Smooth Agile DMT elliptical trainer offers a convenient water bottle holder for your most intense treadmill workouts.
  • Electromagnetic Brake System: The superior technology of electromagnetic brakes the Agile DMT elliptical trainer allows for smooth transitions and stops even during strenuous workouts.
  • Patented Lite Touch Thumb Control: Simply and easily adjust the intensity and motion of your workout without taking your hands off the handlebars. You never have to interrupt your workout again, just slide your thumb over the infrared sensor to change the Agile DMT’s resistance or transform from a the standard elliptical motion to another, more intense, Agile motion.
  • Adjustable Motion : With 12 biomechanically correct motion levels and 20 intensity levels, your mind and muscles will never be bored again. The wide range of motions ensures that your body will remain challenged no matter how frequently you train on the Agile DMT elliptical. Instead of hitting a plateau your strength and endurance will continue to build.
  • Full Upper Body Workout with Moving Handlebars: The Agile DMT offers the best full body workout with moving handlebars to help you reach your fitness goals on one adjustable motion elliptical.
  • Built in Adjustable Fan: The built in adjustable fan helps you stay cool during your workout, allowing you to quickly adjust the speeds.
  • 13 Preset Programs: The Agile DMT offer 13 preset programs that include manual program, target programs, interval programs, an endurance program, watts control, fat burning, heart rate control and 5 custom programs.
  • Transport Wheels: The Agile DMT elliptical has transport wheels to easily move your elliptical to any room in the house.




The Smooth Fitness Agile DMT elliptical trainer is designed to hold a maximum weight of 400 pounds, so if you were expecting an extremely sturdy base, that is exactly what you get. You can’t fail to feel safe on this machine which is a great place to start when you’re embarking on your new fitness regime.

“Of all the different elliptical trainers that I have “jogged” on, this is by far the most comfortable.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The manufacturer boasts articulating, shock absorbing foot pads and the benefits definitely aren’t all sales fluff in this instance. This feature is particularly useful for those returning to exercise after an injury or those with long standing knee issues. The super smooth, natural elliptical movement is noticeable and enjoyable, easing the physical endurance you experience with the multitude of programs and adjustability settings on the machine.

The thumb controls on the handlebars are a very intuitive feature and really promote an overall feeling of control during workouts. The cup holder is central and conveniently placed just below the console and the fan is reasonable and adjustable but isn’t as strong as you would hope for on a machine of this size and more importantly, price.



The Smooth Fitness Agile DMT performs extremely well once it has been set up correctly. The display graphics may not be top notch, but it works well and it’s pretty nifty adjusting the resistance and motion using just the handlebar thumb sensors.

“The stride-motion can be adjusted from an almost flat cross-country skiing type pattern to a slightly more stair-stepper motion, which adds to the level of difficulty.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The preset programs available are; manual program, target programs, interval programs, an endurance program, watts control, fat burning, heart rate control and 5 custom programs. You can then combine those with 12 different motion levels and 20 different intensity levels which means the customization facilities on the machine are quite hefty and should keep your exercise varied for a long time.

The variable stride length between 19 and 24 inches ensures that the machine is suitable for people of varying heights. It doesn’t matter whether you’re short or tall, this nifty feature will ensure that the trainer feels comfortable at all times.


Ease Of Use & Convenience

Unfortunately, the Smooth Agile DMT elliptical trainer does not score highly when it comes to ease of use and convenience. It is fantastic that the product comes packaged so well, but the components are actually pretty difficult to get to and you could find yourself a little frustrated by the various Fort Knox style packaging elements.

The box is also extremely heavy which means you really need it putting down where you intend to use it because it doesn’t fit on a standard dolly, and even the strongest person could find it difficult to lift. The transport wheels really go no way towards helping you move it with ease; the wheels do work but simply don’t make it any easier to move this 356 pound machine.



“It has a 30 pin iPod dock which can play your stuff through the speakers on the unit, which sound pretty good too.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The entertainment features on this machine are the audio system and the mySMOOTH fitness trainer app capability. The Bluetooth module for the app doesn’t always come with the machine so you’ll want to check that if you’re particularly interested in using it.

The audio isn’t incredible on the speaker system but is adequate for a workout scenario. Because the machine comes with such amazing adaptability, customization and program options you’ll most definitely stay entertained with those features alone.



  • Frame – lifetime
  • Braking – lifetime
  • Parts – 7 years
  • Labour – 2 years


The Final Verdict

“Great features for the price and very sturdy. Have had it for 2 months now and looks/acts like a brand new machine.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

You definitely get a lot for your money with the Smooth Agile DMT Elliptical trainer. You’ve got endless adjustability and customization features to add variety to your workout programs so there’s no questioning the value; you’ve also got a decent sound system to ensure the tunes stay flowing during your workout.

The biggest plus (and negative) is the huge size and weight of the machine; in essence, if you can get it in your house and set it up, you’re set up for life with this elliptical. So, although the set-up process might be a bit of a hassle, it’s well worth going through considering the exceptional quality and feature-set of this machine.

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