Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill Review

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is a budget range, basic treadmill with various useful features to accommodate most workout abilities. The machine boasts a heart rate sensor, 4 feedback options, comfort cell cushioning and 6 basic workout programs.

It sounds like a great treadmill on the surface, but does Weslo’s customer service come up to scratch? Does the treadmill easily accommodate its maximum weight? And most importantly, does it offer good value for money?


Dimensions & Technical Specifications

  • 29 (width) x 64.5 (length) X 55.5 (height) inches (73.6 x 163.8 x 140.9 cm)
  • 250 pounds (113.3 kg) maximum weight capacity
  • 119 pounds (53.9 kg) shipping weight
  • 16 x 50 inches (40.6 x 127) treadbelt


Key Features

  • Easy Pulse™ Heart Rate Monitor: Get an accurate heart rate reading by simply placing your thumb on the Easy Pulse™ sensor that is built right into the console.
  • Blue-Tinted LCD with Priority Display: Track your workout results with this easy-to-read blue-tinted LCD with Priority Display. This display tracks your speed, time, distance and calories burned so you can monitor your progress throughout your workout.
  • Comfort Cell ™ Cushioning: Reduce stress on your joints and increase workout comfort with this unique treadmill deck, designed with a layer of cushioning for maximum stride impact absorption.
  • Warranty: The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is protected with a 1-Year Motor Warranty and 90 Days Parts & Labor.
  • 6 Personal Trainer Workouts: Burn fat, lose weight and stay motivated with Personal Trainer Workouts. These programs take the guesswork out of your workout by automatically adjusting the speed and incline of the treadmill for increased intensity.



“I’m just north of 200 pounds and this treadmill can take a beating and still feel like it’s nailed to the floor.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill has a 16 x 50 inch treadbelt which is more than enough length and width for most users.

Aesthetically, the short stands at the back of the machine don’t provide much reassurance in the way of stability, however once you’re on the machine there’s no question that it is perfectly sturdy. Despite its relatively lightweight frame, it still adequately supports those in the higher weight bracket.

When using it for the faster, higher incline settings, you may feel a little uncertain that it would take a hard pounding every single day, so it’s worth testing it to its full capacity because of the short 90 day warrantee.

The Comfort Cell Cushioning is definitely a huge plus point with this machine. Despite the budget price, the comfort cell cushioning feels like that of a higher priced treadmill and provides a comfortable, almost bouncy feel under foot which only encourages you to spend longer on the machine during workouts.



The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 is has a fair amount of performance enhancing features including the heart sensor, manual incline, quick speed control, feedback options and the 6 workout programs.

“This Treadmill performs just like the big professional models at the Health Club, without all the bells & whistles.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The easy pulse heart sensor is placed in the centre of the console and you use it by placing your thumb on the sensor pad until the machine acquires a reading. Inbuilt sensors are notoriously inaccurate and a more accurate telemetry feature with chest strap would have been a useful addition.

The manual incline moves up to 5% and definitely helps you push lower muscle groups, the quick speed control takes you quickly from your current speed to 10 miles per hour and really helps provide variation when you’re switching up manual settings.

The feedback options are speed, time, distance and calories burned and the 6 workout programs are based around a personal trainer workout. The workout programs do vary your workouts somewhat but you’re more than able to do that yourself using the incline and quick speed customization facilities as well.


Ease Of Use & Convenience


“I’m about 5’3 and put this together totally myself in about 1/2 hour with no trouble at all.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill is relatively easy to set up alone but if you can, enlist the help of a family member or friend as there are a few fiddly bits. It is also worth checking that all the parts you need are contained within the box when you receive it too. The short warranty means that you will not receive any missing parts after the 90 days is over, even if Weslo is at fault for not including the parts

You may also find their customer service department a little difficult to get hold of and they are unlikely to help you with missing parts if the warranty is up.

The machine itself is easy to use, the console is basic and the programming is easy to navigate your way around. The machine also has transport wheels which are convenient if you need to change its location.

Also, you can fold the machine away in just seconds, which is a nice convenient touch.



“I absolutely love it! I can set my water bottle right in front of me, as well as my iPad.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

There are no bells and whistles with the Weslo Cadence 5.9, but it does contain everything you need to stay entertained during your workouts.

You have a sturdy base so that you can train hard, basic feedback options to track your progress, manual incline and quick speed options to vary your own workouts and 6 programs to try out if you want someone to take the guesswork out for you.



  • 1 year motor warranty
  • 90 days parts & labour


The Final Verdict

“I am very impressed with this treadmill. There is nothing I would change about this product.” – Click here to read the full review on Amazon

The Weslo Cadence G 5.9 Treadmill certainly doesn’t come with many (or any) impressive extras or particularly innovative design features, but it does provide a good, basic workout for an excellent price.

At under $300, you can’t go far wrong, even if you only use the manual settings. As long as you check you’ve got all the right parts on delivery and you test the machine properly before the (slightly stingy) 90 day warrantee is up, you’re sure to get plenty of exercise and fun out of this budget treadmill.

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